K&N Heavy Duty Air Filters

Designed to Lower Restriction and Improve Horsepower


  • Designed to improve Horsepower and engine efficiency
  • Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Construction
  • Easy To Clean And Reuse

These commercial grade air filters are built from a new hybrid filter medium that incorporates some of the best characteristics of both cotton and synthetic non-woven technologies. They do not require oil treatment and use a 3-D lofted filter surface to help reduce air filter restriction. Less restriction means more power and better engine efficiency. As air filter restriction goes up, an engine needs to expend energy “pulling” air through the filter. This is wasted energy that is no longer available for power at the wheels. Another air flow benefit with K&N HD air filters is that each time the air filter is washed, restriction is reduced whereas disposable air filters slowly increase in restriction throughout their service life.

Required Information for ordering

RV make:__________ model and year _____________and chassis manufacture___________.

Canister Filters: length__________, diameter__________, inlet size________, outlet size_____________.

Cartage Filters: length________, height_______, outside diameter_______, inside diameter________.

or your Filter No_________________ and its manufactures name______________________.