Power Up: Lubricants and Fuel Additives

power-up-rvPower Up Lubricants are engineered to reduce wear, boost fuel performance and extend the life of your RV through the harshest of conditions

Power Up products include:

  • FX Diesel Fuel Additive: A diesel fuel top end lubricant that has cetane improver, a combustion enhancer and injector cleaner.
  • NNL-690G:¬†Fortifies petroleum and synthetic oils to protect engine and transmission parts, gears and bearings.
  • Hydra Maxx: Treat your hydraulic system right.
  • Gen 49D: Cold weather diesel fuel additive with same advantages of FX above.
  • Thixogrease Grease: Engineered to withstand high pressure and high temperatures.
  • Genesis: A nano-technology revolution reverses engine wear and enhances performance.
  • Pen 2000: Penetrating oil used to loosen rusted nuts and bolts.