Steer Safe Steering System


An invaluable tool for your motor home, 18 wheeler, and midsize 5th-wheel tow vehicle. Installed on the front end of these types of vehicles, it helps to ensure amazing control. With Steer Safe, you control the vehicle; it doesn’t control you.

Steer Safe protects you against front tire blowouts, potholes, soft shoulders, high winds, wandering, accidental encounters with curbs, and highway medians. It also helps reduce driver fatigue. Steer Safe is the best safety insurance for your vehicle, driver, and passengers.

How Does It Work?

Steer Safe is installed on the vehicle’s front steering arms and clamps on to the front axle. No welding is required. It’s simply bolted on. Steer Safe Stabilizer’s patented oscillating fulcrum bar makes it the only true steering stabilizer on the market. It provides up to 400 pounds of preset tension on each front wheel working against any outside forces, helping to keep the front wheels pointed straight, even in a blowout situation.

Unlike hydraulic shock absorber stabilizers that hook onto a vehicle’s tie rod, Steer Safe offers protection from the front wheels to the steering gear box. No extra steering effort is required lessening driver fatigue. Maintenance is not required because Steer Safe is equipped with Delrin bearings which never require servicing.

Required information for ordering:

Required information RV make_________, model and year_________, chassis
manufacture__________, front suspension no________ ( on tag on Front suspension ).

Steer Safe Recreational Chassis & Axle Application Chart: